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This is a "companion site" for Phyllis Light's business, Light Unlimited. This site was designed to accommodate the specific programs, surveys, and questionnaires that couldn't be technically produced on her main business website.

If you would like to know more about Phyllis' "Telepathic Healing" work, along with the products she offers (e.g., healing books, CDs, Rejuvenizers, and supplements), please visit:

The Love Oracle
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THE LOVE ORACLE is designed to shed light on all the various relationship situations you encounter in life. It is packed with words of wisdom, clarity, and advice to help you gain insight into yourself and your interactions with others.

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One Year Membership with Unlimited Questions - $16.95

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Looking for love?
Looking for a better relationship in love? Do you need help attracting a better person for you in your life? Do you want a more compatible relationship partner, or even a soulmate? Have fun, and take our relationship questionnaire for more insights on what you can do to heal your own negative subconscious programming and attract the love of your life.

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Dr. Phyllis Light's family of unique products, called Rejuvenizers®, provides healing, energizing, rejuvenation and protection.

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